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Save. Inspire. Go to Space.

Does your bank support humanity's expansion into Space?

It's time for a savings account with a purpose.

Let's build humanity's future in the Solar System, together.

Does your bank support humanity's expansion into Space?

US banks have more than $15 trillion in assets. If 0.1% of those financial assets were dedicated to supporting the emerging commercial Space industry, humanity's future in the solar system would be financially guaranteed within 40 years. 

It's time for a savings account with a purpose

SpaceVault™ is the world's first savings account to enable anyone to securely save, earn interest on your savings, and at the same time, support the emerging commercial Space industry.

SpaceVault gives you the power to financially steer humanity's future into the solar system.

Save towards a trip to the Moon with an FDIC-insured deposit account

Testimonials from beta customers!

The sustainable expansion of humanity beyond Earth requires innovative new funding mechanisms, like the SpaceVault savings account. As a space enthusiast with a savings account, I have every incentive to move all of my savings to SpaceVault - the transfers are instantaneous and free, the rate is better, and the profits go to advance our future in space!


Customer from Denver, CO

As secure as your bank

We take your privacy and security very seriously. All sensitive and personally-identifiable information is secured and encrypted with bank level-security standards. We are partnered with financial technology industry veterans that champion safety and security.

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