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Financing the Beyond-Earth Orbit Economy

SpaceVault's mission

  • Maximize long-term capital investments into the commercial Space industry

  • Help steer and stimulate economic development of the Space frontier

  • Finance millions of people in the foreseeable future to travel to Space for tourism, research, employment, exploration and, eventually, settlement

SpaceVault will accomplish its mission by:

1. Offering novel, regulated and insured long-term financial deposit products for individuals, and in the near-future businesses, that aspire to see the emergence of a beyond-Earth orbit economy and wish to earmark their deposit capital in support of long-term institutional financing of Space technology maturation, infrastructure development, travel and settlement - Inception today.

2. Providing grants & pre-seed capital, from its profits, to technology teams and companies working on the building blocks of a beyond-Earth orbit economy - Inception estimated in early 2020s

3. Facilitating institutional lending and equity investments, via our future bank and institutional finance partners, into emerging and sustainable beyond-Earth economy Space enterprises - Inception estimated in early 2020s

4. Underpinning the development of innovative financial instruments and public-private financial infrastructure in support of the beyond-Earth orbit economy Inception estimated by mid 2020s

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What kinds of companies and technology solutions will SpaceVault support?

Our goal is to support any enterprise, technology solution and/or application that:

  • addresses a need in an overall beyond-Earth orbit economic development strategy 

  • supports a long-term sustainable and mutually beneficial econosphere in the solar system

  • is an enabler towards long-term human settlement and industrialization of the solar system

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Let us know if you are part of the beyond-Earth orbit economy and would like SpaceVault as a long-term partner to your goals!

Thank you for contacting us. We will respond ASAP!

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