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Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is SpaceVault?

SpaceVault is a digital finance platform that provides online savings accounts. What makes SpaceVault savings accounts unique is that they provide anyone with the ability to securely save in a FDIC-insured savings account and earn interest, while at the same time, support and participate in the emerging commercial Space industry via the SpaceVault community.

SpaceVault will accelerate the growth of the emerging commercial Space industry by enabling grants, seed funding and future loans and institutional investments into commercial Space companies, ventures and technology. See our Master Plan. SpaceVault has been developed and is wholly owned by Finsophy PBC, a Public Benefit Corporation with the mission to utilize mainstream finance in support of long-term missions for humanity: environmental sustainability, community development, education, and democratized economic development of the Space frontier.

What products and services are you offering?

SpaceVault offers Space Benefit™ and Space Travel Plan™ savings accounts.


Space Benefit accounts allow our customers to save for a home, school, retirement, or emergencies, just like they would with any regular online savings account, while at the same time support the commercial Space industry with the SpaceVault community and their savings.


Space Travel Plan accounts allow anyone to save towards future commercial Space travel (as commercial Space travel matures and becomes available in the next 40 years), for themselves or their descendants, while at the same time support the commercial Space industry with the SpaceVault community and savings.


Both account types earn interest, are withdrawable at any time and are insured up to $250,000 per account holder. 


Lastly, SpaceVault account owners have access to SpaceVault’s community where you can voice your opinion, help us with formulation of our long-term Space development strategy, and vote ​on projects SpaceVault will provide grants and seed-funding to.

What does joining the waitlist entail? Is it an obligation to open an account?

Not at all. Signing up on the waitlist is simply a way for you to secure your "place in line​" to open an account with SpaceVault, but in no way does it require you to do so at any point in the future. Signing up on the waitlist is also a great way to stay informed on our progress and news. 

What do you mean "future commercial Space travel"?

The New Space race is in development. More than that, it is now a commercially driven and global enterprise and it is our team’s (and many others') vision that commercial companies, in tandem with government, will make space tourism and travel available within 40 years (or sooner). There are companies aiming for hotels in Earth orbit, a base and hotels on the Moon's surface, and settlements on Mars. Although, we cannot say with certainty which destinations will be possible in 40 years, we can say that any of the aforementioned destinations in development will be applicable to Space Travel Plan account owners. 

Will SpaceVault purchase a Space travel ticket for me?

SpaceVault wants to primarily help aspiring Space travelers and/or their descendants amass enough capital to self-purchase a ticket to Space in the future. However, as we mature as a company, we are committed to establishing relationships with current and future commercial Space transportation companies in order to potentially accelerate or enhance the purchase power of our customers’ savings as pertaining to commercial Space travel (travel discounts, travel points etc.).

What happens if I change my mind?

Just like any existing regular online savings products, the account holder may opt to withdraw the entirety of their savings at any time, including earned interest, and with no fees. 

You say that accounts would be insured up to $250,000. Isn't that too good to be true? 


Just like regular online savings accounts, SpaceVault accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor.

How do I know you guys are for real? 

Please checkout our team credentials here.

The team consists of Space, finance and banking industry professionals and advisors, passionate about making the economic development of Space and the expansion of our civilization a reality. Yes, we are for real. 

What happens if space technology develops too slowly and in 40 years we still don't have the ability to affordably go to Earth orbit, the Moon or beyond? 

There are three options for this scenario:

  • You can withdraw your savings at any time between now and 40 years 

  • You can wait the full 40 years and earn interest while supporting the Space industry 

  • You or your descendants can re-deposit in an extended savings product for future space travel when space technology is ready and affordable beyond 40 years 

What if I am not around in 40 years?

Your SpaceVault account will be fully transferable to your designated loved one or next of kin at no additional cost.  

Are there any limitations on the nationality of who can open an account?


SpaceVault accounts at this time are only available to US citizens and legal US residents with a US-based bank account.


There are no limitations however on who can join our waitlist. When SpaceVault accounts become available outside the US they will abide to national and international banking regulations. We will be required to meet standardized requirements for KYC, AML, OFAC and national-level regulations. Ultimately, our vision is to make SpaceVault available to everyone around the world. This vision will take time, but we are dedicated to globally democratizing affordable access to and economic development of Space via innovative financial products and infrastructure.


Why should I open a SpaceVault account and not just save/invest money by myself for a ticket in 40 years? 


One could no doubt begin to save and/or invest on their own in order to successfully grow enough capital in 40 years to purchase a ticket. However, by saving with a SpaceVault account you would enable the following unique benefits, not otherwise achievable if you were to save or invest on your own:

  • We will be using SpaceVault profits to provide grants and seed-funding to innovative Space companies and technologies

  • In the foreseeable future, we will be helping our bank partners with using your deposits to provide loans and other investments to mature Space and technology companies. See our master plan.

  • By saving with SpaceVault you would be financially substantiating future market demand for commercial space travel which in turn would deduce a positive feedback loop for the commercial Space industry to grow and mature faster and bigger   

  • You would be committing to a community of like-minded humans that believe and want to make a difference for the future of our civilization in the solar system


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