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How it works

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Open a SpaceVault savings account with bank level security and with as little as $5 initial deposit

How does it compare to other savings accounts? 

Partner Bank


Traditional Banks


Savings accounts

Bank level security

Insured up to $250,000

Earn interest on your savings

24hr online access

Physical location

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Stakeholder Participation

You, our customers, are our stakeholders.

You will vote on which Space ventures, companies, and technologies, SpaceVault should appropriate its profits towards.


Profits to Space industry 

>10% of SpaceVault's profits will be appropriated towards Space companies and technology development


Space Industry Financing 

Our customers' deposits will in the future generate bank loans and other institutional investments to emerging commercial Space companies, thus advancing the growth of a beyond-Earth orbit economy. 

Space Industry Financing

Space Travel Financing 

SpaceVault offers the world's first Space Travel Plan™ account, which will help aspiring Space travelers to increase their purchasing power for future Space travel, within a secure, interest bearing and FDIC insured account.

Spac Travel Financing


SpaceVault is committed to 100% transparency on our Public Benefit Mission, where our customer deposits are being invested, where SpaceVault's profits are appropriated, our financial performance and projections, our strategic decision making, and last but not least, maintaining a <10x salary ratio between lowest and highest paid employees. 

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