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Master Plan

"SpaceVault is the first step towards developing long-term, public benefit, and purposeful financial infrastructure in support of humanity's sustainable future." 

Jason Aspiotis - SpaceVault Founder

Phase 1


Phase 1 - We all have power to make a difference

Money is power. If you believe in humanity's future in Space, why not securely and effectively appropriate your financial power towards making this future a reality? 

SpaceVault is a savings account that empowers Space professionals, enthusiasts, futurists, aspiring Space travelers, and parents of aspiring Space travelers, to appropriate their collective savings towards this long-term future. And do so securely in an interest earning, withdrawalable, and risk-free savings account.

Together, we rise. 

The goal: Aggregate >$500M in FDIC insured deposits


*Note - the average US bank, has >$10B in deposits on its balance sheet


Phase 2 - Focus our collective financial power on one goal

SpaceVault will leverage established financial risk management practices and investment vehicles, with its future financial institution partners, to facilitate the economic development of the frontier via institutional lending and investments in support of the emerging beyond-Earth orbit economy.

In the 2020s we will begin facilitating institutional lending, equity investments and bond offerings in support of Space frontier industrial verticals.

The goal: Grow deposits to >$1B and facilitate >$100M per year of institutional investments into the beyond-Earth orbit industry

*Note - for every $1 you save, SpaceVault could potentially facilitate $9 in lending and investments into the Space industry in the next 40 years

Phase 2


& beyond

Phase 4 - Self-sustainable economic system beyond Earth

In the 2050s and beyond, we foresee >1M people traveling, living and socio-economically prospering in our solar system. Socio-economic development of the solar system is just the beginning for the advancement of our civilization...

The goal: Catalyze the creation of a mutually-beneficial socio-economic system between Earth, the Moon, Mars and asteroids with a Gross Interplanetary Product of >$30T 

*Note - The Moon and Mars could perpetually sustain up to 275M people 

Phase 3 - Accelerate economic expansion into the frontier

In the 2030s and 2040s, a Moon outpost, commercial Space stations, orbital tourism, and the beginnings of a robust asteroid mining industry will be a reality. In this phase, SpaceVault will be working with super-banks, public-private partnerships and commercial Space enterprises to catalyze the economic development and settlement of the Moon and Mars. 

The goal: Facilitate $100Bs in investments into commercial Space infrastructure development and settlement.


*Note - the world's banks currently have >$35T in assets

2030s & 2040s

Phase 3
The Future

SpaceVault Master Plan

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