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SpaceVault Beta is launched to a cohort of First-100 customers!

Announcement by SpaceVault

Published October 16th 2018

SpaceVault Beta is here! After hard work, patience, and dedication to our mission for the past two years, SpaceVault Beta is now available to a cohort of 100 pioneering users in the USA. 

"SpaceVault is the first step towards developing long-term, public benefit, and purposeful financial infrastructure in support of humanity's sustainable future." 

Jason Aspiotis - SpaceVault Founder

SV Is Here 3 (4).png

SpaceVault accounts at this time are only available to US citizens and legal US residents with an existing US-based bank account. However, there are no limitations on who can join our waitlist. When SpaceVault accounts become available outside the US they will abide by national and international banking regulations. We will be required to comply with all KYC, AML, OFAC and national-level regulations. Ultimately, our vision is to make SpaceVault available to everyone around the world. This vision will take time and effort, but we are dedicated to globally democratizing affordable access to and economic development of Space via innovative financial products and infrastructure.

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