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American youth provide words of wisdom to the next President –
their #SpacePOTUS
Videos by SpaceVault @ Austin TX, 2016 AD
Published October 7th 2016

“There isn’t going to be a gender barrier in the next 40 years… Especially in Space!”

“Deciding that Space, for us, a species as a whole,

is a priority!”

“Space is the only way for the human race to (ultimately) survive…”

“Staying still (on Earth) is not an option… Gotta move forward (to Space) – not backwards!”

“It’s about the abundance of resources on planets and moons as well…” 

“We need a solution, literally, out of this world!”

“Going to Space is our apology letter to Earth…”

“Need to support this cause (Space) because it is really important to a lot of us (Gen Z)!”

Our gratitude to Colleen Lynch, Lower School Head of Saint Gabriel's School

Special thanks to the wonderful students and teachers who contributed to our videos from:
St. Michael's Academy
Westridge Middle School
Anne Richards School for Young Women Leaders
St. Andrew's Episcopal School

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